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Tire 18-3,00 Skyteam ace rear

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Feelfree Wintec
The new Feelfree Wintec is the latest innovative solution proposed by Metzeler for high performance scooters. Enlarging its product range with a premium tyre, fully exploiting the high-tech development and know-how always offered by the German brand.
The 2-wheel specialist modifies habits and seasonality of the urban vehicle, developing a special product to face a more secure feeling in cold and wet conditions.
Metzeler Wintec is the new German technology based on tread pattern, compound and structure; specifically optimized for wet and cold conditions and without affecting any dry or warm performance.

Metzeler means continuous commitment to develop new mobility solutions.

Technical attributes:
In a fast-changing scenario where scooters are offering performance more and more similar to sport-touring bikes, the new Feelfree Wintec is designed to ensure the best performance in cold/wet conditions.
Optimized contact area on the road, innovative tread pattern solution, new generation of compound materials and special contour derived from motorcycle sport-touring tyres provide valuable performance that defines the Feelfree Wintec as the "best choice" for the end user when fitting to their high performance scooter.
From the end-user point of view, the benefits can be translated on , stability, handling and high contact feeling, along with a secure feeling in varying weather and road conditions.

Tyre tread design and profile:
The tread design represents the most visible application of Metzeler's new technology:
based on Metzeler's winning experience in sport-touring motorcycle tyre development, the new tread pattern is characterized by the presence of sipes.
The tread pattern is designed in order to optimize the front and rear land/sea ratio maximizing performance especially in wet conditions. The sipes play their important role offering the best traction in wet conditions (center of the pattern) and contact feeling when turning (shoulders). The shape of the sipes have been engineered for assuring a fast warm up time without inducing too much movement of the tread.

Structure and profiles:
Feelfree Wintec is characterized by 0° steel belt radial structure both on rear and on front, associated with a lightweight carcass to promote easiness of handling and road holding at high speeds.
This technology is patented by Metzeler and our engineers have done further developments introducing variations on the steel belts density on the different parts of the profile.
Feelfree Wintec presents a "three zone scheme A-B-A" which provides a longer foot print area. "A-B-A" represents the concentration of the steel chords around the profile of the tyre; more on the shoulders and less in the centre. A new profile which has been optimized from the shoulder to the centre ensures progressive behavior, predictability and maximum riding precision.

Feelfree Wintec can perform in warm and dry conditions but is setting the new boundaries in cold and wet conditions, where it can show its real strengths: warm up time, wet grip, wet handling, wet safety feeling and water drainage.
Compound plays an important role and thanks to the specific study of compound mixing, these tyres can offer outstanding grip in all weather conditions.
A proper patented process of mixing compounds allows adding properties of three different polymers with different glass transition temperatures.
This new patented technology ensures wet grip in very cold conditions (-10°C) and at the same time good mechanical resistance.
Proper stiffness in wet and warm conditions come from dedicated mixing of fillers (Silica + Carbon Black), perfectly balanced.
Moreover, Metzeler used the "Cap & Base" technology: strategic reinforcing fibers under the soft tread compound with a perfect combination of flexibility and rigidity between tread and structure that ensure proper transfer of road stress from the tread to the carcass which improves stability.

Summary of key characteristics
"Cold and wet" high performance compound: excellent grip in wet and cold conditions, no matter the temperature
Sipes application for fast warm up and incredible contact feeling
Tread design with motorcycle technology developed for enhanced water drainage and a high wet safety feeling
High speed stability thanks to the application of 0° steel belt.

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