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About Us

Part specialist

The beginning
Loef Bromfietsen was founded on January 2, 1996 by Willem and Angela Loef. We started as a postorder service for moped, scooter and motorcycleparts. We love classic bikes and especially the Honda 50cc oldtimers.

Business Acquisitions
In 1997 we established in Houten, Utrecht (NL), in the middle of the Netherlands. At this time we also took over a moped company.
Through this acquisition, we can offer our customers many brands and we have many official dealership agreements. By this take-over, we were capable of increasing our offer. A few years later we bought Singa Netherland and that is how our website name has come to existence.

And now
These days, we still love our work (or preferably called; my hobby) and carefully help customers and wholesale dealers in Europe to find the parts they need. With a reputation built on great service, honest pricing and first class advice, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Singa 2 wheel parts is a complete part of Loef Bromfietsen BV in the Netherland.

We help you with passion and involvement and don’t hesitate to contact us.