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Tire 12-140/70 CITY GRIP2 Michelin 65S

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1 Stuk
Sports tyre for small-engined bikes

In addition to its sporty credentials,
MICHELIN Pilot Sporty ensures great grip for small-engined bikes thanks to a
semi-slick tread pattern derived from that of MICHELIN's high-performance motorcycle tyres.

Product Benefits

Semi-slick pattern
Thanks to its tread pattern derived from MICHELIN Pilot Sport, MICHELIN Pilot Sporty provides you with excellent dry grip.

A complete size offering
No matter what motorcycle you ride, you're bound to find a MICHELIN Pilot Sporty size for your bikes

€71.39 incl. VAT

€59.00 excl. VAT


Tire 12-140/70 60P POWER PURE Michelin

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1 Stuk
Band 12-140/70 POWER PURE 60P Michelin

€72.60 incl. VAT

€60.00 excl. VAT