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Band 10-130/90 Metzeler Wintec snow

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Buitenband Metzeler 10-130/90 61P TL FeelFree Wintec Winterband.

New replacement sizes for several common 50-250cc scooters.
“Cold and wet” high performance compound: excellent grip in wet and cold conditions, no matter the outside temperature.
Application of "Sipes" (the small "cuts" in the tread) for fast warm up and incredible contact feeling.
Tread design with motorcycle tyre technology developed for enhanced drainage and wet safety feeling.

Wintec tecnology. Sipes are "cut" in to the tread for fast warm up and incredible contact feeling with a compound designed to work perfectly at low temperatures.
The Wintec technology allows riding for 12 months a year in safe conditions without compromising the performance.

€45,00 incl. BTW